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We all know… 

People love Deals.

You know it’s a good idea to offer them eye-catching deals.

You know a lot of deal-heavy marketing opportunities are just around the corner with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Labor Day, Holidays, January sales…..

Is there a better time to get started with this proven, evergreen marketing method that your customers will love you for? There is no better time. 

Publish your attention-grabbing Hot Deals right here on Directory Owl.

This is a great opportunity to showcase your products and bargains to the thousands of local Directory Owl visitors.

Timed Limited Deals & Offers

Want to improve the scarcity of a product?  No problem. Simply set your parameters and Directory Owl will cut off access to purchase within the specified time frame.


Trying to find the right image for your campaigns can be a hassle.  Don’t let that slow you down. Directory Owl solves that problem for you by helping you add an image to your offer if you do not have one.


Yes, you can add a video to your ad space to wow and excite even the most stubborn prospects!

Specified Number of Sales Option

Choose whether you want to limit sales to a certain amount, have a maximum number of sales or even unlimited sales.  There are no limits to the number of sales you want to release for any product or service.

Custom Countdown & Redirect

Choose your countdown options and what happens when your countdown expires.  You can use an overlay image telling them it’s ‘sold out’,  or even choose to redirect to another offer for prospects to take advantage of.

Deal Chaining – Our Evergreen Deal Option

We can set your hot deal to expire at a given time and when it does or when all of the units are purchased at a certain price, we can set it to redirect to a new offer with a higher price or to a related offer for cross-promotion.

Sound good? Get your Hot Deal up and running on Directory Owl today!

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